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mini-logo-180x257.-webSome of’s content relies on third party participation, but all content goes through an editorial process before it is posted on the site. Here are a few general guidelines:

All content will fall within the mission of, specifically relating to Health,Wellness,Environmental concerns,Home, Personal growth,recipes and other  issues that really affect all of us. The first priority of content is to be a great resource .’s content will be generated in accordance with the content calendar as well as other resources avaialble.  Living  Well Magazine encourages readers comment and would love to share your experitse with our readers.

All content will be reviewed by’s content team prior to publishing. partners can provide content to be considered for the site, but has final discretion as to what content goes on the site

Article Submission Terms and Conditions



Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to Well Magazine or its assigns.
Living Well Magazine’s mission is to “Empower, educate and engage readers with health and wellness, environmentally friendly, socially responsible, mainstream topics, articles and editorials. Living.Well Magazine™ is designed to promote a positive lifestyle for the community, our environment, and the world in which we live.”
Submission Guidelines
Ideal articles are between 500-1,500 well-written words, attached as a word doc. You may submit a short bio of yourself or your company along with your article.
If your article is published, Well Magazine or its assigns agree to include your bio and contact information, which can include a phone number/email address/one website link.
*You agree that all articles submitted are submitted without any financial consideration now or in the future.
By submitting your article, you are acknowledging that you agree to all of Well Magazine or its assigns Terms and Conditions
Submissions may be rejected by our editors for any of the following reasons but are not limited to those listed below.
 * Article comes across as spam/advertorial (marketing pitches for single products, articles with lots of links in the text, or advertisements for local businesses).
* Subject matter or format is not relevant, or inappropriate
* Article is a repeat of an article we've previously published, is riddled with spelling/grammatical mistakes,
* Article is too short.
* Article is not within our specific topic ranges
* Any other reason not mentioned above
 Terms and Conditions
By submitting your article:
 * You declare that you are the sole owner and author of the article and own 100% of all copyrights pertaining to the article or have permission from the owner or author to submit the article to Well Magazine or its assigns.
*You retain all rights and copyrights to your article. 
*You may submit articles that have been published elsewhere.
* You agree that Well Magazine or its assigns are not liable for any potential lawsuit that could arise from the article(s) submitted and hold Well Magazine or its assigns harmless for any situation that may arise.
*You agree that all articles submitted are submitted without any financial consideration now or in the future.
    * You are giving permission to Well Magazine or its assigns to publish, distribute or use in any way we deem appropriate. Including but not limited to: on any of our websites /print publications E-mail newsletters etc.
*You are giving permission for Well Magazine or its assigns to include your articles in our RSS Feeds.
*These permissions are provided to Well Magazine or its assigns or to any successor or future owner of its assets.
No other use is implied or granted. 
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