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Social Security can Benefit Surviving Husbands or Wives (and Kids)

So here are some basic facts that may interest you about Social Security survivors insurance. 

   If you are working and paying into Social Security, some of your Social Security taxes go toward survivors insurance. In fact, for most workers, the value of the survivors insurance under Social Security may be more than the value of any life insurance policy owned. 

   Who can receive survivors benefits based on your work? Your surviving husband or wife may be able to receive full benefits at his or her full retirement age.   They also can choose to take reduced Survivors benefits as early as age 60. And, if your surviving spouse is disabled, benefits can begin as early as age 50.

   Your minor children also can receive benefits if they are living with you and depend on you for income — as long as they are under age 18 or disabled. And if your widow or widower is taking care of your child or children under age 16, then she or he may be eligible for benefits at any age.

   So, the best life insurance plan may be one you already have but perhaps didn’t know about. Now that you do know, it’s easy to learn more.


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