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Mixed Lettuce, Fennel & Orange Salad with Kalamata Olives Vinaigrette

Mixed Lettuce, Fennel & Orange Salad with  
Kalamata Olives Vinaigrette
3 tablespoon  red-wine vinegar
1/2 tablespoon  lemon juice
1 teaspoon  Dijon mustard
4 cloves  garlic, minced
salt, to taste
Freshly ground pepper, to taste
1/2 cup  extra-virgin olive oil
1 cup  Kalamata olives, pitted and coarsely chopped
2 tablespoon  chopped fresh flat or curly parsley
3   navel oranges
10 cups  mixed lettuces, try using  chicory, radicchio red/greenleaf lettuce, torn into bite-size pieces
1 head  Belgian endive, sliced
1 bulb  fennel, trimmed and sliced
To prepare vinaigrette: Whisk vinegar, lemon juice, mustard, garlic, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Slowly whisk in oil. Stir in olives and parsley.
To prepare salad: Using a sharp knife, remove peel and white pith from oranges. Quarter the oranges; slice pieces crosswise. Just before serving, combine lettuces, endive, fennel and the orange slices in a large bowl. Drizzle the vinaigrette over the salad and toss to coat well.

Kiwi Salad

4 Kiwi
1 lg Tomato
1 Cucumber
2 Avocados
Fresh Basil Sprigs
1/2 c Orange Juice
1 ts Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 ts Dijon Mustard
Wash and trim ends from kiwis. Cut into 1/4" thick slices. Cut tomato into wedges. Slice cucumber. peel and slice avocados. Arrange ingredients equally among salad plates. Garnish with basil sprigs. Whisk together orange juice, vinegar and mustard until thoroughly combined. Drizzle over salad to serve.

Fresh Blueberry and Cranberry Relish

Fresh Blueberry and Cranberry Relish

1 cup fresh blueberries
1 cup fresh orange juice
8 oz. fresh cranberries
1 tablespoon orange zest
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium heat.  Cook until the sugar dissolves and the berries soften, for about 15 minutes.  Remove from heat, cover and chill.  Best made in advance to let flavors blend.

Makes 12 1/4 cup servings

Nutrients per serving:
Calories 76, fat 0, cholesterol 0, sodium 0, dietary fiber 0, protein 0

Serving suggestions:
As a side on traditional holiday dinner plates.
Poured over turkey, pork or ham.
Over vanilla ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt.
Added to a turkey and cream cheese sandwich to freshen up leftovers.

Recipes developed by:
Janet Ruttenberg, Chef/Culinary Instructor

Apple Sauce

10 Minute Apple Sauce

6 Gala apples, peeled, cored, and quartered
6 Fuji apples, peeled, cored, and quartered
2 cup unfiltered apple juice
4 tablespoons cognac or brandy or a flavored liquer (such as raspberry or strawberry or apricot)
4 tablespoons butter
6 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon  
In a  microwave-safe container with a lid combine apples with all other ingredients. Close lid, leaving one corner of lid open to allow steam to escape. Microwave on high for 10 minutes.
Using a hand blender or potato masher, blend to desired consistency. Serve hot immediately or chill for later use.

Fruit Stew

Fruit Stew

Courtesy of Lee Bailey Reed  


Serves 4

½ Cup sliced plantains
½ Cup sliced apple
½ Cup sliced avocado
½ Cup pitted dates
½ Cup kiwi
½ Cup diced strawberries
½ Cup diced pineapple
½ Cup of blackberries or raspberries (your choice)
1 teaspoon minced jalapeno
2 Cups fresh squeezed orange juice
2/3 Cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice
1 Cup whole dates
1 ¼ Cups frozen strawberries

In a serving bowl, combine the first eight ingredients and ½ teaspoon of jalapenos. Set aside. In a blender, combine remaining ingredients, as well as the remaining ½ teaspoon of jalapenos. Blend until it has a creamy consistency. Pour the contents over the bowl of fruit and serve immediately.


8 small red-skinned potatoes
1/2 pound green beans, trimmed
1/2 pound wax beans, trimmed
3 large ears corn, quartered
1 small cucumber
2 cups halved cherry tomatoes
3/4 cup sliced celery
1 small onion, sliced and separated into rings
1/3 cup white wine vinegar
3 tablespoons chopped toasted pecans
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
Peel potatoes by removing a ribbon of peel around center of each potato. Cook in boiling salt water for 10 minutes. Add beans and cook 2 minutes longer. Add corn and cook 3 minutes. Drain and rinse in ice water. Drain and combine with next 4 ingredients. Blend remaining ingredients and pour over vegetables. Serve. Yields 6 servings.